We let the world to know about China: Director Yin

Published on Jun 14 2017 // Featured, Interview, Nepal News, Slideshow
Mr Yin, Director

Director of China Cultural Center, Nepal Mr Yin Kunsong

The China Cultural Center Nepal is organizing a week-long China Intangible Cultural Heritage Week in Kathmandu beginning June 21. We caught up with the Director of China Cultural Center Nepal Mr Yin Kunsong for interview to know about their preparations, areas of exhibition and many others. Here is the excepts;

What is the China Cultural Center (CCC) doing in Nepal?

The CCC is spreading Chinese cultures to the world and let the world to know about China. The CCC is also a bridge between China and Nepal and between Chinese people and Nepali people to establish good relations and friendship between the two countries

Why are you organizing the China Cultural Heritage Week this month? What would be the major activities?

This program is a world-wide project sponsored and supported by the Government of China and it is going to be conducted almost at the same time in June around the world. This time we have invited a joint intangible heritage group to Nepal from Tianjin and Shandong to showcase intangible heritage and innovative cultural products as well as Weifang kite making and flying activities.

How are you working to further strengthen Nepal-China relations through cultural lens?

Under the leadership of Ministry of Culture of China and Chinese Embassy in Nepal, the CCC is trying its best to find ways to share our cultural beauties and diversities. We hold activities like performances, arts exhibitions and exchanges of artists and scholars from both the countries. We show the Chinese films in different schools so on and so forth. All we do is to strengthen Nepal-China relations through cultural perspective.

Who will be the guests in this cultural event?

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal and Chinese Ambassador to Nepal and others those involved in the intangible heritage, members of those friendship associations in Nepal, school principals and students will have participation.

Your major priorities in Nepal.

Our major priorities in Nepal include spreading cultures, strengthening the cultural exchanges, providing information needed and as a platform or as a bridge through which Chinese people can know Nepal and Nepali people can know about China. Together with my staff members, we will try our best to fulfill our tasks and make our contributions to the better understanding and friendship between our two countries.

Mr Yin,  Director

Mr Yin Kungsong,the  Director of China Cultural Center, Nepal

Is the China Cultural Center planning to go beyond Kathmandu?

Yes, of course. We have planed to have two activities this year in Pokhara. One is the second film festival and the next is cultural exhibition in Pokhara-based schools. Likewise, CCC will be conducting its programs in other parts of the country as well.



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