US Bangla plane crashes in Nepal killing at least 49 persons

Published on Mar 12 2018 // bignews, Slideshow
US Bangla Airlines plane crashed

US Bangla Airlines plane crashes in Kathmandu

A US Bangla airplane has crashed in Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu today i.e March 12, 2018 Tuesday. The plane crashed while landing.

The incident took place at round 2:20 local time. A total of 71 persons including four crew members were on board the plane coming from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The plane veered off the east of the runway while attempting to land.

A total of 22 passengers have been rescued and rushed to the hospital. They are receiving treatment in different hospitals in Kathmandu.

Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), Sanjib Gautam said preliminary investigations showed that the US Bangla passenger airplane accident happened because of the abnormal landing attempt.

He said the air traffic control had requested the pilots for landing in a proper way after the aircraft, which was to land from the south, changed its course. The aircraft also did not declare an emergency while landing, he said.

“The airport had kept other aircraft on hold after the abnormal landing by the US Bangla aircraft,” Gautam said.

Meanwhile, the death toll from the US Bangla passenger airplane crash at Tribhuvan International Airport today has reached 49 so far, including the four crew members.

Twenty-two passengers who were injured in the accident were receiving treatment at various hospitals in Kathmandu.
The plane with 67 people including 37 male, 28 female and two minors on board crashed while landing at the Tribhuvan International Airport at 2.18 pm today.

Among the passengers were 33 Nepali nationals, 32 Bangladeshis, one Chinese national and one Maldivian national, CAAN Tribhuvan International Airport Office said at a press conference this evening.

US Bangla Plane

The meeting of the Council of Ministers formed a six-member investigation commission led by former secretary Yagya Prasad Gautam to look into today’s US Bangla passenger plane crash.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr Rajiv Deb and Captains KK Sharma, Sunil Pradhan and Uddhav Prasad Subedi are the members while Joint Secretary Buddhi Sagar Lamichhane is the member secretary of the investigation commission.




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