This is the iphone XS which has 6.5 inch flat screen

Iphone XS

iPhone XS is officially released on September 12, 2018. The new phone was released at iPhone’s headquarters in California. The latest release is named iPhone XS. The bigger iPhone XS Max has the screen of 6.5 inch which is the largest on any Apple smartphone so far.

To that end, Apple has created a brand new processor the A12 for the iPhone XS, which should run up to 50% faster than last year’s iPhone chip. This is possible because Apple has built its new chip on a 7nm manufacturing process – which means the transistors on the chip are just 7 nanometres apart. Transistors are tiny electronic switches that allow computing to happen. The more transistors, the more computing you can get done. For last year’s A11 processor, the transistors were 10 nanometres apart – but this distance has been reduced to 7 nanometres. That means Apple is able to squeeze more transistors into the same amount of space, boosting computing power and energy efficiency. Like last year, the new iPhones have premium OLED screens, which support high-quality video formats like HDR10 and Dolby iPhone XS

The new phones, based on last year’s iPhone X, are named XS and XS Max, based on last year’s iPhone X. The new iPhone XS has a 5.8-inch screen size, while iPhone XS Max is 6.5 inch in size, in line with Wall Street expectations, Retuers mentions. Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing of Apple Philip W. Schiller spoke about the new product of Apple i.e iPhone XS and XS Max at an Apple headquarters.  “There’s no real game-changer on the table. It’s a matter of getting people to keep moving up,” according to Hal Eddins, the chief economist at Apple shareholder Capital Investment Counsel. Apple is the first US company to become the company worth one trillion US Dollars.



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