Published on Dec 10 2014 // Featured, Health, Slideshow
Ebola is still running ahead: WHO warns
The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that Ebola virus that claimed nearly 6,500 lives– mostly in West Africa– is still “running ahead”. WHO Director General Margaret Chan, however, said the situation had improved in some parts of the worst-affected countries. “The...

Published on Oct 25 2014 // Health
Ebola claimed 4,922 and 10,000 plus affected: WHO confirms
The world has 10,000 plus Ebola infected population in the last six month since its out break, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday. The WHO report states that nearly 200 new cases were reported in the last four days. The WHO confirmed that 4,922 people died of Ebola virus. Stating that...

Published on Oct 22 2014 // Health
Worldwide Ebola death toll rises to nearly 5,000
Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) said that at least 4,877 people died in the world after the Ebola outbreak and nearly 10,000 people have contacted with worst recorded Ebola outbreak. The WHO said this data represents the cases of till 19 October. The worst-affected countries Liberia, Sierra...

Published on Oct 17 2014 // Uncategorized, World News
Despite the Ebola is spreading like a forest fire in other African countries, the West African nation of Senegal has contained the disease, the World Health Organization confirmed on Friday. The WHO also congratulated Senegal for become diligent to repel the Ebola threat. Senegal had the only one Ebola...

Published on Oct 17 2014 // Health
Ron Klain appointed Ebola czar
Ron Klain has been appointed Ebola czar. President Barack Obama appointed Ron Klain as the Ebola czar. The US and the western countries have been charged of paying less attention to contain the Ebola outbreak.

Published on Oct 15 2014 // Health
The second Texas, USA, healthcare worker has been tested Ebola positive, the US Health Department confirms. According to a statement by the Department on Wednesday, the latest Ebola patient was involved in the treatment of Thomas Eric Duncan–the first Ebola patient in the US. The healthworker at...

Published on Oct 14 2014 // Health, World News
UN employee dies of Ebola in Germany
Medicos wearing protective clothing to carry an abandoned dead body presenting with Ebola symptoms in Monrovia. Photo: Reuters October 14: A UN worker in Germany died of Ebola infection while receiving treatment in a hospital, international news agencies reported quoting a spokesman for St. Georg Clinic. The...

Published on Oct 12 2014 // Health
Dallas: A health care worker in Dallas has contacted Ebola virus after a health checkup, the hospital confirmed in a statement today.