San Francisco-based Motherland Nepal Chairman Pandey distributes relief materials to quake-hit families

Published on May 24 2015 // Diaspora, Featured

Mr pandeyKathmandu: As the country is reeling under crisis due to devastating earthquake on April 25, dozens of social organizations and thousands of NRNs, doctors and volunteers from across the world have arrived in Nepal to support the quake-hit communities in the country.

Many US-based organizations have also come to Nepal with the relief materials, medical teams and other humanitarian assistance to heal the wounds of the earthquake affected. They have also donated millions of rupees while some have pledged to construct houses to the worst-hit families.

In the meantime, a 5-member medical team landed in Kathmandu on May 8 to provide medical support and other relief jobs to the quake-hit persons. Besides medical services, the team coordinated by Anil Pandey, the Public Relations Representative of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) for San Francisco and Chairman of San Francisco Bay Area-based non-profit charity organization Motherland Nepal, provided blankets, sleeping bags and tents to nearly 80 persons in a Sindhupalchowk district.

The team consisting of four paramedics from Community and Disaster Response Team of Sebastopol, California, provided treatment to the quake survivors in Batali village in Sindhupalchowk.

zinc sheet

Talking to sopannews, Mr Pandey said that San Francisco-based social organizations including Los Angeles-based Pashupati Foundation, Bay Area-based Creative Club, White Zone and other organizations also extended their support to help distribute relief materials to the earthquake victims in Nepal.

The team also distributed corrugated zinc sheets and medical services to the needy at Bhote Namlang in Sindhupalchowk district. The relief distribution program was jointly organized by Motherland Nepal, Nepali Jansamparka Committee Japan and Pashupati Foundation.

Similarly, Pandey distributed corrugated zinc sheets to 14 families in Sabhung VDC in Tanahun district as well. Each family was given 10 zinc sheets to maintain the roof. Likewise, 25 households were given relief materials too.



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