‘One-door policy for relief distribution to flood-hit not fair’

Published on Aug 19 2017 // Featured, Nepal News, Slideshow

Anil PandeyThe Motherland Nepal has expressed its serious reservation to the government’s one-door policy in relief distribution. “We are so upset from the government move to prevent the philanthropic organizations from distributing the relief materials. The decision made by Nepal government is hampering the helping hands,” President of Motherland Nepal Anil Pandey said.

“We have experienced the poor efficiency and slow mechanism of the government in the relief and rescue operation. It is pity that the flood survivors do not get the help in time,” he added.

He stated that they were against the government’s decision of going through the one-door policy. Everyone willing to help in this natural disaster should be allowed to do so, Pandey argued.

Motherland Nepal, a California based not-for profit making organization, has been helping Nepalis in time of natural disasters and other difficult hours for many years.

The Motherland Nepal has extended supports for the needy in right time on the spot.

The team members of Motherland Nepal were in the front to support the quake-hit people when earthquake rattled Nepal two years ago.

Adding that the one-door policy was partially true, Pandey has said that the government should immediately welcome the social organizations for offering reliefs to the flood survivors as scores of people are killed by the floods and landslides while thousand others are affected.

Last week, Home Minister Janardan Sharma has asked all the national and international donors to deposit the amount in the PM Disaster Relief Fund.

However, some donor agencies have also questioned they promptness and well management in the relief distribution.

Motherland Nepal urges the Nepal Government for paving the way to the supporting agencies for direct supports in the fields as they did in previous years, reads a press statement issued by the Motherland Nepal.

However, the government has claimed that the one-door policy is needed in the relief distribution to end duplicacy and ensure equal distribution to the affected community.

It is noted that Motherland Nepal has been contributing the Nepalis nationals in the time of disasters and calamities for the recovery of the affected communities.





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