Nutritious food distributed to quake-hit children in Nuwakot

Published on May 20 2015 // Featured, Health

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Kathmandu: In an effort to ensure nutritious food and protect the quake-affected children from malnutrition, a pre-packaged nutritious food called Lito was distributed to the children under 5 years of age in the disastrous area in Nuwakot district with support from the ‘Global Volunteer Program to fight Malnutrition among the Earth Quake Victim Children in Nepal’- a charity organization.

The Relief Food Distribution Program for Earthquake Victim Children initiated by the B. Sc Nutrition and Dietetic First Batch Student from the Central Campus of Technology, Dharan, distributed the nutritious food to the children in association with different organizations.

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The nutritious diet was distributed to a total of 480 children of Thanpati, Sechyutar, Tamang Gaun and Pipalbote in the district.

The product Lito contains the locally available ingredients with the composition of wheat 64.5%, soybean 18%, sugar 14%, vitamin + minerals 1.5% and whole milk powder 2%. The production will be monitored by the student volunteers under the close supervision of the faculty members of the Campus. The net production cost is fixed as NRs 100 per KG and the production company has agreed to supply the product in the factory cost without adding any profit.

The step of the Global Volunteer Program to fight Malnutrition among the Earthquake Victim Children in Nepal is a welcome step as the situation of lactating mothers and breast feeding babies is worse as malnourished mother’s breast milk cannot provide enough nutrients. Likewise, the situation is so deplorable that lactating mothers are forced to feed the breast feeding babies with the coarse, and staple food that is available for adults. Even worse is, sometimes the babies go on without any food for days together.

Just identifying the hideous problem faced by the vulnerable breastfeeding babies under the age of 5 as the worst part of the disaster, the concerned Nepalese volunteers residing all over the world have formed a global voluntary organization named Nutrition Program for Children in Nepal (NPCN). Dr Kavitaram Shrestha from Woking, UK, is the patron of the NPCN while Engineer Ram Kumar Shrestha living in Australia is the Chairman. The organization is expected to fight against malnutrition facing by the quake-hit children through mobilization of the national as well as international resources of voluntary contributions.

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The committee held an emergency cyber conference and formed a global voluntary organization and the same cyber assembly then instantly launched an action program named ‘A Global Volunteer Program to fight Malnutrition among the Earth Quake Victim Children in Nepal’ to work at the grassroots level.



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