Nepal elected in ILO’s apex governing body by defeating Pakistan

Published on Jun 12 2017 // Featured, Nepal News

Nepal was elected the Deputy Member in the governing body of the International Labor Organization (ILO). The governing body of the ILO is its apex body.

Nepal and Bangladesh were elected the two deputy members of the ILO governing body in the election held today under the 106th International Labour Conference underway in Geneva, Switzerland. Pakistan was the third country, also vying for the post of deputy member in the governing body.

The Governing Body is composed of 56 titular members — 28 governments, 14 employers and 14 workers — and 66 deputy members that include 28 governments, 19 employers and 19 workers. Though Nepal is an ILO member since 1966, it had yet not assumed the formal post on behalf of the government in the UN agency dealing with labour issues internationally.

From the private sector, various trade union leaders from Nepal have already been elected as deputy members.

The ILO Governing Body is an executive body which takes decisions on 10 sectors, including policy making, budget formulation, control, agenda fixation, appointment of director-general and control over the ILO central office.

Nepal, India, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka fall in the ILO central-Asia sub-regional group. Two countries from this group are selected as deputy-members from this region.

Nepal’s election to the board was possible as the country has been working to promote the rights and interest of the labourers in the formal and informal sector as per international standards and also on the basis that Nepal has ratified many ILO Conventions




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