Lyricist should have another business in Nepal to exist

Published on Aug 06 2015 // Entertainment, Featured, Slideshow

Kiran Baral, who hails from Beshisahar in Lamjung, is a budding lyricist coming with his debut album ‘Sarthak’. The video of the song ‘Timi Sanga Najik Vayera…” is gaining popularity among day by day. The song by Swaroop Raj Acharya is composed by B.B. Anuragi while Kiran Baral is the songwriter. Along with other popular singers, Anju Panta Shishir Yogi, Dinesh Gautam and Bimal Parajuli have sung the lyrics of Baral. Excerpts of the conversation with sopannews; Kiran Baral

As a practitioner of music, how you describe music?

Music is a friend that gives accompany in every circumstances and events of your life, like when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are rejected by others, when you are alone. Music is a basic need for me and I think other peoples also feel this.

Why did you enter into the field of music?

I have a great and deep passion for music which I cannot express by writing in diary. So, I came in this field to incorporate my passions. And, I think only keeping passion and interest is not a great deal but a small step to fulfill this passion led me to the place which I was thinking years ago. I have to meet a target which I have determined. I have miles to go ahead.

How do you rate the existing government policy in regard to the development of Nepali music?

Nepali music industry is just a talking and hypothetical industry. In reality government has done nothing remarkable as such to move ahead this sector as an industry. So, the investors are investing in this industry with no expectations of returns. Government should not do many things if it starts looking this sector as the industry that would be the milestone for all stakeholders.

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Who inspired you to join in this field?

Actually, I cannot explain the source of inspiration. I think the music itself inspired me. And, now my listeners and viewers are inspiring me to perform effectively in this field and which I am trying. And, in case of creating lyrics, I am inspired by Rastra Kabi Madhav Prasad Ghimire, Krishna Hari Baral, and Sital Gurung Kadambini. But I will only take them as my teachers and guardians who unknowingly teach to create beautiful lyrics.

Everyone in the field say that they are affected from piracy in Nepali music. Are you an exception?

Now I feel we are in the phase to feel the reality that no one can kill or stop the piracy. Only we can request our listeners to purchase the CD/DVDs and download the songs from the authorized download centers to save the music and its original creators. Otherwise, only the people who have money and passion of being famous will rule this sector soon. During that time, the listeners will also miss their right to listen the music of their choice.

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Why do you think the listeners and viewers should view and listen to your songs?

I really do not say that I have done a very different thing. I have not started to change the track and trend of music. I have just added something here, which is not very different of old trends. But, when you listen to my song you will feel something newness in the part of lyrics. I am trying to establish my own style of creating lyrics. I only want to say that I am just tracking my own way of creating lyrics. I am not a professional lyricist but creating lyrics is my profession which I am continuously doing since one and half decades on. So, I urge the listeners to take a taste of my profession.

Is a decent living possible for lyricist, musician and singer from music industry in Nepal?

This is possible for singer and somehow for musician also because the first credit always goes to singer which is not fair. His/her voice is demanded everywhere for the same song whereas the side of lyricist remains in shadow. Singer sings the same song and creates money for which the investor had already paid for the vocal. So, the singer is always in safe side even without spending a single penny for the song which s/he performed on the stage. And, musician is a monetary profession in Nepal, so musician is in safe side too. Only some famous and professional lyricists earn from writing even it is not considerable to talk as an income, there is paltry amount of income. So, every lyricist should have another business to exist. Creating lyrics may be a side profession not a major business.

Any messages to the new comers?

I am not a new guy in this field; the reality is I have just started giving life to the words which I had created decades ago. So, I have a level of confidence to enroll in this field. So, I request the new comers, mainly lyricists, to maintain a level of confidence in writing the songs before taking it to the recording studio. If you hurried up to record the songs without the level of writing confidence, you will have nothing to earn.

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