I stood second out of 350,000 contestants worldwide in artwork

Published on Sep 04 2017 // Entertainment

Kushal Bastakoti

By Kushal Bastakoti

Art is a kind of an addiction, and creation of an artwork is it’s a cure to me.

I started my Fine Arts journey from small town of Nepal, Pokhara. I came to Missouri, USA on 2012 to sharpen my knowledge in Fine Arts.

The initial struggles of living and fulfilling my dreams of being an artist in a foreign land took me to the places like New York, Virginia, Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Tucson, Dallas, and more.

My dad is also an Artist and I believe that I inherited this talent from him.

On 2007, my dad got a phone call and his facial expression changed immediately. He seemed to be emotional as well. All of us, including me, my mom and my elder brother got scared.

My mom with heavy voice asked him “What happened? And who was on the phone?” My dad proudly replied that it was from my school saying I won 2nd position International Art Competition.

My dad is my inspiration and Guru who has always supported me to be who I am today. He is my first and foremost inspiration. I can call myself a proud artist because of all his lessons and hard work.

When I was 13, I won Second Merit International Award which was also a new history in Nepal. Getting an opportunity to participate in an International Level Art Competition and achieving the merit award for the first time in 34 years was a new history in Nepal. This award completely changed my path and my thinking towards Art field.

There were around 350,000 contestants from 79 different countries, where the participant from the United States got First Merit Award and I got Second Award representing Nepal. It was a very proud moment for me but I was a little sad that I could not get the first one. This competition and my love for that First Merit Award paved a new path for me. Since that day, I started making more paintings and followed my passion of being an Artist. Later, I won two different International and National Awards in 2009 and 2010, respectively. In 2012, I got an opportunity to come to USA for my further study.

Since then I already did 30+ Juried shows, Calling shows, Third shows and also four solo exhibitions staying in one series named “Following the Dream”. During my first semester in Missouri University, I won the Fast Cityscape Student Artist Title. I have also achieved few awards in professional levels as well.

Right now I am working on my solo exhibition, following the dream V, which will have 100+ paintings, 30 from united state, 30 from Nepal and 40 from other countries. This show will be 4 months long in 20 more states.




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