Comprehensive traditional art performance: Flower of Silk Road draws huge applaud

Published on Sep 05 2018 // Entertainment, Featured, Slideshow

Yu HongFlower of Silk Road, a comprehensive traditional art performance of the People’s Republic of China, was held in the capital city of Nepal on Wednesday. Altogether 15 performances were made by the artists in the event organized by the China Cultural Centre, Nepal. Over a dozen visiting Chinese artists showcased their performance to the 400 plus audience comprising government officials, diplomats, journalists, teachers, students, cultural and literary personalities and so on.
acrobaticsThis is the second show of the ‘Flower of Silk Road’ in Kathmandu. The first performance was organized in Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute on September 4 while the third performance of the comprehensive Chinese traditional art performance is scheduled on Thursday in Mt Everest English School of the ancient city in Bhaktapur. Beginning from ‘Balancing a Jar on the Head’, the performance ended with the performance of ‘Nepal Style’. Balancing a Jar on the Head was performed by Yang Lin and Yang Jian. It is a difficult task in acrobatic performance and the difficulty lies in grasping the center of gravity. Juggling and flipping were also included in the performance.

Chinese cultural show in Kathmanduikewise, Nepali local song ‘Nepal Song’ was played with the traditional Chinese national musical instrument ‘Lei Qin’ which has a wide range of sound, soft tone, and strong expressiveness. Other major attractions in the performance list were Guzheng Solo, Ensemble of Guzheng and Bamboo Flute, Peking Opera Selection, Farewell to my Concubine, Shaolin Eight Section Brocade, Double South Boxing, Flute Solo, Xiao Solo, Deep Night, The Balance of Twin Force, Ode to the Pear Flower, My Sun and Double Tai Chi.

In her speech on the occasion, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Nepal Yu Hong said that arts and cultures spread beyond the geographic territories and the art has not its language but is liked and loved by all and spirit and experience is needed to understand this. Yu said, “The name of this event is Traditional Art Performance. Tradition is the beginning of the human civilization which represents the country, its people and their living style.” This is the story of a nationality. Understanding the traditions and cultures of a country is a must to understand the nation, she shared. Ambassador Yu said that such programmes would create environment to understand the cultures and peoples of each other to both the nations thereby further increasing the bilateral ties between Nepal and China.

flute singing by chinese artistLikewise, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture Bharatmani Subedi said that such events were instrumental to share the knowledge about Chinese cultures to Nepalis and also to deepen Nepal-China relations in the cultural aspects.






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