Bhawesh Khanal: Trainer of Yoga, arts of living, happiness course and leadership commits suicide

Published on Apr 15 2018 // bignews, Featured, Obituary, Slideshow

Bhawesh Khanal, a Yoga Guru, instructor of Art of Living and motivational teacher, has passed away. Bhawesh Khanal, 30, committed suicide in a hotel in Kathmandu, a source close to the family said.  Bhawesh Khanal was a spiritual instructor and leading personality of Human Values for Peace and Prosperity.

Bhawesh Khanal

Khanal with Rabi Shankar

Khanal, committed suicide by hanging himself in the Hotel Amaryllis in Tridevi, Thamel, Kathmandu.

As per the information, Khanal committed suicide in the bathtub of the hotel’s room.

The untimely demise of the 30-year-old spiritual man has left his followers and well-wishers shocked and stunned.

It is said that Khanal had checked-in in the hotel on April 10 but did not come for dinner on that day nor he came for breakfast on April 11.
Khanal had arrived in Kathmandu from Pokhara on April 9.


As Khanal did not come into contact, the hotel lodged an application to the Metropolitan Police Range, Durbarmarg seeking help to find out the whereabouts of the guest (Khanal) who was locked inside the room.

As per the police opened the door on April 12, Khanal was found hung in the bathroom of his room.

A permanent resident of Tripureshowr in Kathmandu, Khanal was a disciple of Rabi Shankar, Indian spiritual Guru of Art of Living.

bhaweshh khanal

Khanal, who wrote many articles was also running his promotional webpage and youtube channel in the recent times.
A very popular people among youth, Khanal was also the trainer for Nepali cricket team members. Besides, he conducted many courses on art of living, happiness course, leadership and motivation and many others.

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