Anil Pandey: Single personality with multiple successful identities

Published on May 23 2018 // Diaspora

How many identities a man can possess? One? Two? Or more? But, this does not applies in the case of Anil Pandey.

Pandey has multiple identities with all successes. First, he is an artiste having more than three and a half decades of experience. Despite living a decent life in the USA of late, his commitment to arts has never been shadowed.

Starting first during 1975 from street dramas, Pandey made his first stage show in the National Children Day then.

Since then, many things have been changed but his passion for acting has not. Pandey was featured in more than four dozens of radio dramas, films, sitcoms and other artistic genres in Nepali.  “I started my career in this field from mid 70s. I used to perform in dramas along with my school friends in those days,” Pandey recalls his past during his recent visit to Nepal.

According to Pandey, he developed a passion for acting by doing radio and street dramas during his early days in acting career adding that he performed roles in 30 plus street dramas and equal number of radio dramas before doing films and shifting to television shows during mid 80s. Pandey’s debut film was Jivan Rekha by Prakash Thapa.Anil Pandey3

Currently, Pandey resides in San Francisco Bay area in the US where he is devoted to organizing many Nepali cultural groups on different occasions. Knowledgeable persons say that cultural and musical events often take place in Bay Area, thanks to supports and initiative of Pandey. Despite his settlement in the US for decades, he has not abandoned the passion for acting. Rather, he manages time to return to his motherland anytime when there are occasions for arts, music, culture and rest requiring his presence.

In this regard, foundation of Motherland Nepal is a milestone for the promotion of Nepali arts, literature, music and culture. Pandey shares that the Motherland Nepal has also established a prize under the auspices of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) to award outstanding journalists writing for the cause of women’s empowerment, gender equality and social inclusion.

Pandey, who is synonyms to a philanthropist, has also done a wonderful job by distributing relief materials to the most affected communities by the devastative earthquake that rattled Nepal in 2015 March. Pandey supported many people by providing them with cash support, providing health care services and many others.

More than these all identities, Pandey is also Nepal’s former tourism ambassador to San Francisco Bay Area, California. In the capacity of tourism ambassador, Pandey performed his excellent role to strengthen the bilateral relations and help promote Nepal’s tourism in the Bay Area.



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