Anil Pandey: A truly nationalist and philanthropist NRN

Published on Aug 05 2015 // Diaspora, Featured

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During his late 20s as an actor cum businessman, responsibility of Anil Pandey was exciting as much as it was challenging.

But, there has been a remarkable change in the life of Anil Pandey, the Chairman of San Francisco Bay Area-based non-profit charity organization Motherland Nepal, regarding his responsibility towards society since then. Now, his focus has shifted to social works, welfare and philanthropic jobs, more than expansion of his business entity and personal prosperity.

A man who himself calls a truly nationalist; Pandey resides in California, USA, but his heart beats with the ethos and pathos of Nepalis living at home.

Pandey, who owns multiple credits in his life including a businessperson, comedian, social worker, is always dedicated to the greater good of Nepali society be it at home or abroad (USA). Equally hopeful of the country’s prosperity and wellbeing, Pandey, however, terms himself an apolitical character and refuses to talk about the political development in Nepal. But, he just said that the politicians should think in a broader framework to give space to all in the new constitution.

Pandey, the Public Relations Representative of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) for San Francisco, is a social worker cum philanthropist in a sense that he managed a huge amount on his own and through fundraising from the kind-hearted and like-minded persons to support the earthquake-hit communities in Nepal. Besides, he brought in a team of medicos to provide treatment to the quake-survivors in the most-affected districts including Sindhupalchowk.

Talking to sopannews recently, Pandey said coming here and supporting Nepalis in the time of crisis was his duty as a nationalist. “My heart is always in Nepal. Whatever happens in the homeland, I consider it as my own.”

“I just should not donate little bucks but I should come here (Nepal) physically and try to heal the wounds of the sufferers and perform my responsibility, use my knowledge and share my money,” Pandey said.

Describing the hard life of the quake-sufferers they are going through, Pandey shared that the life there is really tough but serious have not been taken to improve their pathetic condition and the level of our preparedness was really poor.

The relief material distribution process is in limbo and we are obliged to remain mere spectators of our politicians’ and government’s indolence. “Can you imagine how much money they have when there is an election,” he fumes.

We need to squeeze them. “Nevertheless, Pandey is worried of the ever-delaying relief distribution to the victims and calls the steps of the officials as ‘embarrassing’. He suggests that the lawmakers from the constituencies concerned could be mobilised for the support to the affected.

“I got very encouraging response from different persons in the USA to support back in Nepal but I must mention the names of Pragya Rana, Ram Lama, Narayan Basnet and Dinesh Pokharel for their big supports,” he adds.

Criticizing the government’s one-door policy for providing services to the quake-victims, Pandey suggested that the government should scrap the one-door policy and asks the government to let the Non-Resident Nepalis (NRN) to freely distribute reliefs to the sufferers.

Asked about his future steps to extend support to the people of the quake-hit areas, Pandey said he hopes to come in the days ahead with something new programs to help the most affected communities from the April 25 devastating earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks.



2 responses to “Anil Pandey: A truly nationalist and philanthropist NRN”

  1. Nepali says:

    While I appreciate your effort, Mr. Pandey, I question your motive on claiming to be nationalist while criticizing ailing Govt’s every effort to do the best to its citizen. As you well pointed, donation alone doesn’t help, easier said than done, Haiti saw over 80% donated funds go wasted. Nepal Govt never asked NRN or any other Orgs to stop distributing relief work, Goal was to 1) Avoid duplication of effort at same location, 2) Ensure every affected areas was reached out 3) Control rampant corruption 4) Track every pennies sent to Nepal.
    What would have been NRN or any org’s problem if they would coordinate with the Govt on relief work? After all, Govt is the ONLY body who has enough resources including security from the Police and Army and 1000s of public servants working to support them? Your plane ticket of over 1500$ too could prove better in helping many victims while your presence at personal level may not prove as huge benefit as people – especially with skills including medical professionals or engineers would definitely contribute, while others many were flocking for either cheap popularity or for Facebook publicity for themselves – I do not mean to imply you too did that, just to be clear.
    I thank you for your service.

  2. Dirgha Raj Prasai says:

    Thanks Anil Pandey jee!
    I want your prosperous future!
    Thank you

    Dirgha Raj Prasai

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