Ani Choying, Nhoo Bajracharya to perform in UN, NY, Washington DC

Published on Mar 09 2016 // Diaspora, Entertainment

imageKathmandu/ Washington DC: Renowned Nepali signer Ani Choying Drolma, who has won the hearts of millions at home and abroad through the wonderfully melodious songs and Buddhist mantras, is scheduled to perform in two different cultural programs in the USA besides her performance in the United Nations Headquarters.

Ani is invited at the United Nations Headquarters as the ‘Guest of Honour Performer’ for music concert on the occasion of the International Day of Happiness on March 20.

The UN is marking the International Day of Happiness on March 20 worldwide since 2012 to create more positive connections with others, and it recognises the relevance of happiness and well-being as the universal goals and aspirations in the lives of the human beings.

Ani Choying Drolma– the Buddhist nun cum famous singer–would also present traditional Tibetan Buddhist chants and songs from the Himalayas and spiritual songs, and would also deliver her speech there in the United Nations’ General Assembly, the first of its kind by a Nepali singer in the UN.

The Goodwill Ambassador of the UN, Ani would also urge one and all across the globe for the world peace by chanting Buddhist mantra in the UN General Assembly. 

Ani would be accompanied by noted musician Nhoo Bajracharya and other artistes in the UN General Assembly.  

“Our team is excited to have an opportunity to perform in the UN General Assembly. We will try to make our country known culturally too,” Bajracharya told sopannews. 

After the program in the UN Headquarters on March 20, Ani, Bajracharya and other Nepali artistes are scheduled to attend musical programs one each in Washington DC and New York in the US that are being organised to help the quake-survivors back in Nepal. 

Ani Choying Dolma

Ani Choying Dolma

“The proceeds from the concerts will go for the benefit of the quake-survivors in Nepal,” a member of the organising team from Washington DC told sopannews. 

In Washington DC, Ani would make her presence at ‘Ani Choying Live in Concert’ on April 2 at Lisner Auditorium 730 21st Street NW to be organised by the Bhintuna International in association with the non-profit making social organisation named Gorkhaly Foundation, the organiser said. According to the organiser, the door to the participants in the concert would open at 6 pm while the show would start at 7 pm. 

Likewise, the participants purchasing ‘VIP Ticket’ at $ 100 would be provided with a signed CD and an opportunity to take a photo with Ani Choying Drolma.   

In New York, Ani would attend the cultural program at Colden Auditorium 65-30 KISSENA BLVD FLUSHING, NY 11367 on March 26 (Saturday) to be organised by the Bhintuna International in association with the non-profit making organisation named Grassroots Movement in Nepal (GMIN). 

Both the events are being organised with a view to supporting and fundraising for Gorkhaly Foundation for promoting its endeavours to rebuild the quake-damaged properties in Nepal. 

A large number of Americans, Nepalis living in the US, members of the Buddhist community, Tibetans and the music lovers are expected to attend both the programs in Washington DC and New York.

Saying that the UN’s invitation to the Nepali artistes symbolises their recognition, Bajracharya added that the focus of the music concerts is on collecting funds for the rebuilding of the quake-ravaged properties in Nepal. “The music concerts are targeted to the foreign nationals and the Nepalis living abroad for their supports to build back Nepal,” Bajracharya shared.  

Other members in the team of Ani and musician Bajracharya include Gopal Rasaili and Raman Maharjan too. 

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