Social taboo: Menstruation is perceived as shame and uncomfort, not pride and joy

Amiansu Khanal is a third year student at Connecticut College studying Economics and Political Science. She will be spending the next semester at Oxford University researching British colonial history. She is primarily interested in the legal field and how social movements ignite legal and social justice. Given this, she applied for a national award titled […] ...continue..



Factors bringing changes in Australia’s education - Jan 13 2018

Australian schools are in deep trouble and students will continue to slip behind in reading, maths and science unless there is urgent action from all governments, according to a new report. It’s...
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    hobble constant

    The universe still seems expanding faster - Jan 13 2018

    The heat death of the universe is coming for us, but we don’t know when. The cosmos is constantly expanding, and the speed of that inflation is measured by a value called the Hubble constant,...
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    Buddha Lama wins title of ‘First Nepal Idol’ - Sep 22 2017

    Buddha Lama has won the title of ‘First Nepal Idol’. “The First Nepal Idol is Buddha Lama,” senior artiste Madan Krishna Shrestha announced the result in a grand hall of performance in...

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    Kushal Bastakoti

    I stood second out of 350,000 contestants worldwide in artwork

    By Kushal Bastakoti Art is a kind of an addiction, and creation of...
    Ani Choying Dolma

    Ani Choying, Nhoo Bajracharya to perform in UN, NY, Washington DC

    Kathmandu/ Washington DC: Renowned Nepali signer Ani Choying Drolma,...

    Charlie Sheen tested HIV positive

    Famous Actor Charlie Sheen says that he is HIV positive. Talking to...